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Don't forget your eye exam!
Happy child wearing glasses doing his homework
Don’t replace a comprehensive eye examination at your optometrist with a basic visual screening done at school!

Vision screenings in schools typically only test distance vision, whilst most learning is done up close at the reading distance.
There are 17 visual skills required for reading and learning that are not tested in most vision screenings.
When Binocular Vision Disorders are missed, some students can develop behavioural problems, while others may avoid reading or simply refuse to read. When a child has reading difficulties he/she is often labeled as being hyperactive, lazy, or a slow learner which may not be the case.
Many visual problems can easily be mistaken as learning disabilities or attention problems such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

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During your Child's Eye Examination we will discuss the following

  1. Allergies and eye drops
  2. Genetic Myopia and squints
  3. Accommodative support lenses to energise the eyes
  4. The effect of blue light on your child’s eyes due to exposure to LED screens
  5. How far to sit from TV and recommended screen time
  6. Exposure to UV light from the sun and which sunglasses to use
  7. Wearing glasses will not make your child’s eyes worse or lazy, but rather prevent Myopia (near sightedness).
  8. Solutions to prevent or reduce blue light exposure.
A girl sitting with her mother getting her eyes tested at the optometrsist

Proper Eye Test at Optometrist

  • Comfortable clinical environment
  • Safe and sanitised practice with strict COVID-19 regulations adhered to
  • Full comprehensive eye exam, including distance vision, near vision, ocular motility, depth perception (stereopsis), binocular vision, colour vision and screening for ocular disease
  • Early detection of squints and hyperopia (far sightedness) is crucial to prevent reduced vision due to amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Precision eye test is performed using latest equipment that is perfectly calibrated and accurate

Basic Screening

  • Not the ideal clinical environment (might be stressful for the child)
  • Only basic distance vision is screened
  • Screenings are performed quickly due
    to many children and time restrictions
  • Modern equipment is not available
  • Mobile equipment is often not
    calibrated correctly and therefore inaccurate
  • If a problem is detected, the child will be referred to the optometrist in any event.

Eye fatigue from digital devices is real!

Blue light rays from digital screens are affecting your children’s well being and may even lead to tiredness in the morning and reduced concentration during school hours due to the possible disruption of their circadian rhythms (natural sleep patterns).
The good news is that the solution is simple – make sure they wear a pair of glasses with a blue light blocker!

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