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Polaroid Sun Shield

  • Benefit: Give full coverage to eyes
  • Goggles protect the eyes and guarantee total comfort and maximum freedom of movement, even in case of continuous use. You can wear it with your glasses too.
  • Adult fit with adjustable elastic band.
Reliability : Made in Italy
Certificate : EU regulation 2016/425 ( PPE) certified
Life : Reusalbe upto 10,000 times
Features :
    • Anti Fog, Anti scratch, durable,
    • can withstand extreme heat

Polycarbonate wrap around lens

  • Come with cool/stylish band
  • Available in three colours
  • Can be worn with sunglasses and spectacles




Weary of venturing out after the lockdown? Worry not, Polaroid face visors give your eyes full protection against the contagion. Just wash it with soap and water, and, Voila, It’s ready to use again! These long lasting visors are a style statement and provide utmost protection.

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