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Signs that it is time for new glasses

Can’t remember the last time you saw your optometrist?

If it was so long ago that you can’t recall when it was, that’s a sure sign that it is time for an eye exam – and likely new glasses.

Your vision needs will change over time and your lens prescription will need to evolve too. You should have an annual eye exam with your optometrist to assess your vision and eye health.

When you have regular eye exams, your eye doctor will note changes to your vision and be able to identify the common causes of blindness such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems can help prevent vision loss.

Poor recall of your last eye exam is not the only signal that it could be time for new glasses.

There are other signs that you may need new glasses. And you could start getting these signals long before you are due for your next appointment with your optometrist.

You’re seeing double

Seeing double is not normal. If you are experiencing double vision, especially while wearing your glasses, you should visit your optometrist to find the cause. If your optometrist determines that your double vision is caused by crossed eyes, new glasses to correct their alignment will put an end to your double vision.

You’re squinting

Squinting at objects in the distance or having to train your eyes to see something up close, such as a phone, a book or your computer screen, are signs that your glasses are no longer working for you. Pay attention to when you squint. Is it when you are working on a computer? Or is it when you’re outside in the sun? Your optometrist may prescribe computer glasses or prescription sunglasses.

Your vision is blurry

Remember that fuzzy haze that characterised everything you looked at before you got your glasses? If you are experiencing it again and your vision is no longer clear, it’s likely because your glasses have not kept pace with your changing vision needs. You need a new prescription.

Your eyes feel tired

Struggling to see and constantly squinting can make your eyes feel tired, which in turn contributes to you feeling fatigued. Poor vision can also cause frequent headaches. If you are suffering symptoms of fatigue, tired eyes, and headaches, it is worth getting your lens prescription checked and updated.

Your glasses are damaged

Scratched lenses and loose or broken frames should be replaced. When your lenses are scratched or their coating is rubbing off, you will not enjoy clear vision. Frames can also buckle and stretch, making them likely to fall off or uncomfortable to wear. Your glasses are meant to improve your vision and level of comfort. If they are not doing that, it is time for new ones.

Your lifestyle has changed

Perhaps you have a new job, spending more time at a computer, outdoors, or driving? Your existing lens prescription might not fit these new demands. You might need specialty office or computer glasses with blue light lenses for when you’re at your computer or a different prescription with an appropriate coating for when you’re outside. These are good reasons to have multiple pairs of glasses.

Remember too that your glasses reflect your personal style, and you should feel confident wearing them. If you feel that your glasses are outdated or don’t complement your face, features, and style, it is an important signal that you need new ones that do. Take the time to try on different makes and styles. See how they look and importantly, how they make you feel.