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Why are Polarised sunglasses the preferred choice?

While it is recommended to wear sunglasses all year round, it is important to wear the correct pair to get maximum protection for your eyes. Polarised lenses have become a popular choice when buying sunglasses, but is it worth the extra cost? They offer many benefits over their non-Polarised counterparts, and should be considered carefully when buying sunglasses.  But, how beneficial are they?

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Polarised lenses have a virtually invisible filter built into the lenses to eliminate the amount of reflecting light that enters the eye. This filter does not only reduce glare, but increases visual clarity and comfort by making images appear sharper and clearer. They are available for prescription sunglasses and
non-prescription sunglasses and are sometimes even worn indoors by people whose eyes are light-sensitive, patients who underwent post-cataract surgery and those continually exposed to bright sunlight through windows.

Polarised lenses for driving sunglasses or sports sunglasses are a good investment if you spend a lot of time on the road or practicing outdoor sports.  Objects will appear clearer, because of the reduced glare on reflective surfaces and will cause less strain on your eyes.  Glare is not only uncomfortable, but it
interferes with the perception of depth, distorts your view and can cause brief periods of blindness.

Polarised lenses block harmful Ultraviolet rays from entering the eyes, where dark tinted sunglasses without UV protection can potentially be more harmful to your eyes. The reason is that the darkness of the lens can cause the pupil to dilate and allow harmful UV rays to enter the inner parts of the eyes.  So, if you do
opt for dark tinted lenses over Polarised lenses, make sure that they offer 100% UV protection.

Benefits of Polarised sunglasses

The amount of light blocked by Polarised sunglasses is far more improved than your average pair of dark tinted sunglasses. Dark tinted lenses only dim the visual spectrum and do not protect your eyes from the intensity or damage of excessive light. Listed here are some of the benefits of Polarised lenses:

  • Polarised lenses give you a better view of the visual spectrum, increasing your ability to see clearer by enhancing visual clarity and contrast
  • Reduced glare results in less eye strain which helps with the relief of headaches and eye fatigue
  • Assisting with visual comfort caused by the eyes needing to constantly adjust to glare from reflective surfaces
  • Polarised sunglasses are not only practical, but they’re also fashionable. You can find them in a wide range of colours that go with different face shapes. Some of the world’s top men’s and ladies’ sunglass brands are available at Dynamic Vision practices in South Africa.
  • These lenses are light in weight Polarised sunglasses are especially versatile—You can wear them when going to the beach and at more formal events such as weddings and daytime work functions
  • Polarised sunglasses offer increased safety on the road. They eliminate the glare produced by reflections on wet road surfaces, dashboards and other cars
  • Polarised sunglasses are also particularly useful for water sports and winter sports, whenever eyes are under constant stress from the sunlight reflected by flat surfaces


Most Polarised sunglasses provide protection against Ultraviolet light which is important in supporting a healthy eye sight.  UV rays are dominant in winter as well and because of the lower setting of the sun during winter time it is recommended to make sunglasses a priority.  Just as we put on sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun, it’s critical that we protect our eyes from UV rays.


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